Letter to a soul friend.


Dearest Stef

It was really good to talk to you on Saturday, as I said I have been concerned about you lately. I am writing because I have been thinking about you, and I guess for my own cathartic needs, I want to tell you how important you are to me. I am priviliged to be part of your family and likewise feel blessed that you are part of my family. As you know I don’t give and trust to a wide circle of people, it is only those for whom I truly love and care most deeply about.

It is often said that true friendships are only counted on one hand, I count my blessings dearly, for those who hold my hand are valued and loved for all that they are. It is the food of life which carries, sustains, protects and cherishes us; these hands are for holding too, to hold each other through our paths and journies.

You recently told me that I should lean on you, well I am telling you that it goes two ways, allow yourself to do the same and feel what is given to you; trust those who give to you and know that they return what you have given to them.

I know there are dark places that you travel and I accept what you say in that you battle with connection in the here and now, I also accept that you have the right to decide about completeing suicide….for the record I don’t agree that it is the only solution….BUT it is also your right to know that you have someone to talk to in these times, I offer you ears which will listen freely and openly to you; especially when your plan feels like it is the only answer. You will always have my love and friendship, you are unique and I love you most dearly. Bev x

Stef finally carried out his plan and died on the 16 May 2011, six months after I wrote this letter to him. He touched many hearts, his mum was given a standing ovation after she delivered her eulogy at his funeral. His passing has left a Stef shaped hole that cannot be filled, this is shared for all of you who have been affected by suicide and the deep sadness it leaves. With love to those who are finding a way through the heartbreak xXx


2 Responses to “Letter to a soul friend.”

  1. Mandy Easter Says:

    Beautifully moving Bev….he was blessed to have you as a friend…and likewise.10 years ago today the world also lost another bright spirit my dear friend Justine Oborn…as i sit and raise a glass to her though i smile as she would have been 40 now and she would’ve hated that! Some spirits shine too bright for this world and we have to keep and cherish what they have given us in their short journey and hold it close to our hearts where it will remain forever. Justine goes with me wherever i am she has a special place that will always be hers no matter what. I hope in time that the hole that Steff left behind… will once again be filled with him in all his richness and love that you felt for him…my love always my friendxxxxxx

    • bevwoolmer Says:

      I agree Mandy, some spirits shine bright for a short journey, I know Justine was a most cherished and loved friend, thank you for leaving a comment. Love to you as well my friend x

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